Genre Analysis – Personal Blog Notes

Source 1: Cursive Content “Do’s and Don’ts for the Personal Blogger”

  1. Distinguish between a business blog and a personal one
    1. “We talk a lot about blogging for businesses, but what about when that business is you?”
  2. People make a career off of:
    1. Hobbies, Talents, Interests
  3. Lots of competition
  4. Ended with “Don’t know how to do this? Download our thing”
  5. How To:
    1. Do’s
      1. Share your passion
      2. Embrace uniqueness
      3. Act friendly / Comment
      4. Create Signature Look
      5. Gain Inspiration
    2. Don’ts
      1. Pretend you are into something you’re not
      2. Imitate other blogs
      3. Forget your people
      4. Neglect brand
        1. You are the brand
      5. Keep your blog strictly business
        1. Readers want to know more than just a recipe, they want to know the story behind it. Be Personal.

Source 2: Sparring Mind “50 Successful Blogs in Every Topic Imaginable”

  1. Distinguish between a business blog and a personal blog
    1. “People don’t believe blogs can be successful unless they are about blogging, marketing, or social media.”
  2. Supplied 50 Blogs at the end as examples
    1. “Do’s”
  3. How To:
    1. Don’ts
      1. Focus on blogging/marketing/social media
      2. Cannot be tied to another website
      3. Must involve the community
      4. No “Mega” blogs/magazines

Source 3: The Writer’s Digest “The 12 Dos and Don’ts of Writing a Blog”

  1. Can be tricky
  2. Included Upcoming Writing Conference Dates
  3. How To:
    1. Do’s
      1. Find your Focus
      2. Be Yourself
      3. Use Links
      4. Include Images
      6. Use Social Media
    2. Don’ts
      1. Set unrealistic goals
      2. Limit your word count
      3. Make grammar mistakes
      4. Be negative
      5. Write Long paragraphs
      6. Avoid trying new things


Words: 261


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